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Welcome. This page is for those who have successfully completed a train-the-trainer workshop for one of The Responsibility Process workshops and are activating your certification.

I’ve kept it short and sweet. Please email me anytime with questions.

Christopher Avery
CEO, Partnerwerks, Inc.


What is the process for certification and licensing?


Certification and content license are separate. Certification applies to the individual trainer. License fees apply to an occurrence of a workshop. You can hold a certification without ever licensing content. You can’t license content unless you have a certified trainer to deliver it.

If you are a consultant who is selling workshops to clients, then you will likely invest in your own certification. Then when you deliver Partnerwerks content you will pay the license fee to Partnerwerks and pass it through to your client in your workshop fee.

If you are an employee of a company where you will be delivering, you may get the employer to sponsor your certification. Then the employer will usually pay the license fee.
To get certified
There are two paths:
for Accredited members of The Leadership Gift Program
for all others

The path for Accredited members of The Leadership Gift Program
Self-Qualify as above
Attend the workshop that you want to be certified to train (workshop fee)
Attend the train-the-trainer session (workshop fee)
Receive annual renewable certification (the annual certification fee is included in your continuing membership in The Leadership Gift Program)

The path for others
Be an accomplished facilitator of interpersonal workshops
Attend the workshop that you want to be certified to train (workshop fee)
Attend the train-the-trainer session (workshop fee)
Pay the annual certification fee (includes membership in The Leadership Gift Program), renewable

To license content
Inform us when you schedule a workshop, pay the license fee. We will invoice you.

Fee schedule
For the first delivery annually:
Two-day workshop = $1600 USD
One-day workshop = $800 USD
Half-day workshop = $400 USD
Each subsequent delivery within 1 year:
Two-day workshop = $800 USD
One-day workshop = $400 USD
Half-day workshop = $200 USD


Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement


YOUR NAME HERE and PARTNERWERKS, INC., hereafter referred to as “the Party and/or Parties,” have entered into a business relationship whereby both Parties may, on occasion disclose to the other, in oral and/or written form, certain information not generally known outside their respective companies, herein defined as “Confidential Information.”

In consideration of such disclosure(s) to each other, the Parties hereby agree as follows:

1. “Confidential Information” is defined as any and all information disclosed by one Party to the other and designated or marked in writing by the disclosing Party as either “Confidential” or “Proprietary”.

2. Each Party agrees that it will not permit the duplication, use, or disclosure of any such Confidential Information to any person (other than its own employees, agents or representatives who must have such information for the performance of their obligations and duties and who are also bound by the requirements of this Confidentiality Agreement), unless such duplication, use, or disclosure is specifically authorized by the disclosing Party.

3. Each Party recognizes the rights of the other with regards to such Confidential Information and agrees to take appropriate, reasonable precautions to safeguard and treat the Confidential Information as such and to take such appropriate action by instruction, agreement, or notice with the Party’s Directors, Officers, Agents, Employees, and Representatives to protect the Confidential Information obtained from the disclosing Party.

4. Each Party agrees that it will not make use of, either directly or indirectly, any designated Confidential Information which it receives or has received from the other Party, other than for the purpose for which the Confidential Information has been disclosed, except with the specific prior written authorization of an officer of the disclosing Party.

5. The Receiving Party agrees not to disclose, publish, or otherwise reveal any designated Confidential Information of the other Party, except after receiving the specific written authorization of the disclosing Party.

6. The above restrictions will not apply to either receiving Party in the case of information which;

a. is rightfully known or in the rightful possession of the receiving Party as of the date of it’s disclosure;

b. is generally distributed or made available to others by the disclosing Party following the date of it’s disclosure to the receiving Party, without restriction as to it’s use or disclosure;

c. Lawfully becomes known or available to the receiving Party from others who are not bound by a similar agreement directly or indirectly with both Parties regarding disclosure; or,

d. Is or subsequently becomes available in the public domain.